CIS.CO.RVI was founded in 2000 with the courage and perseverance of someone who believed and risked everything in a highly competitive market.
Its passion, integrity and ongoing commitment enabled this small company to grow year after year, transforming it, in just a short time, from a local reality to a highly specialised, structured one. Though remaining well rooted in its territory, the company is projected towards international scenarios thanks to the collaboration of reliable, qualified professionals.

It manages and arranges trade fair set-ups, conventions, interior design needs, events, communications and graphics.
Its solutions are for sale and rent, exclusive and customised, to satisfy any need and client type. Experience accrued over the years in the field directly, passion and care for detail have enabled the company to emerge and become a sector reference point.

The use and search for innovative materials, environmental protection and customer satisfaction are what the philosophy is based on. These elements are present in each project from the very start. Giving the end product that added top quality value. Company operations have no borders: activities are carried out both in Italy and abroad guaranteeing exclusive services, creating an original design and unique set-ups.

CIS.CO.RVI S.r.l. - Via Thomas Bell, 5/7 - 00015 Monterotondo (RM) - Tel +39069069472 Email: